Technology (Coating)
Applied Corrosion Engineering is committed to providing the most effective solutions to the problem of corrosion. Two key processes are combined to produce a high performance material with built-in protection
  Rust Stabilizing Technology  
  An active anti-corrosion pigment stabilizes firmly adherent rust into magnetite, providing built-in protection by minimizing the risk of sub -film corrosion. Glass flakes within the coating self-leaf to form a resistant finish against the environment. ACES 2 -Coat System has been developed to counter corrosion in the most aggressive and demanding environments i.e. areas with high levels of chemical contamination and even in underwater applications.  

  Oxygen & Moisture Displacement  

  GlassGard Technology  

; Fabrication Installation & Maintenance

Fabrication, hook-up & commissioning and topside maintenance work contributing to the continuous success and moving forward of the industry.

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Exploration & Production

Implementing solutions to our customers to accelerate their production by the implementation of innovative technologies.

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Engineering Consultancy & Training

Training & development of human capital within the Oil & Gas industry.

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